Size Guide

How To Measure

DIY - Using a Measuring Tape (FREE)

Before you start, you will need a measuring tape (millimeters), a pen, and tape or small pieces of paper.

Take a small piece of tape/paper and place it across the bed of your finger nail. At the widest points of the nail, make a small marking on the tape/paper. Remove the tape/paper and place it next to your measuring tape. Record your measurements and repeat these steps for your remaining fingers.

Using the Sizing Chart as a reference, write down the number that corresponds with your measurements for each finger.


Sizing Kit

Sizing Kits are the easiest and best way to ensure you get the correct nail size!

Sizing Kits come with a sample of all 10 sizes. Purchase a Sizing Kit in your desired shape, keep in mind that some shapes may size differently. Once you receive your Sizing Kit press the different sizes against your natural nail to determine your size for each nail. Remember to record your sizes for each nail.

Using the Sizing Chart as a reference, write down the correct number for each finger to determine your size.


Custom Sizing

Sizes don't match a preset size from our chart? No problem! Leave a note to seller or send me a direct message on our Instagram (@Rosie_Tips) with your name and order number with you correct sizing.